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  • ISDC Student Debate on Universalization

    This is a NEW, NEW, NEW Student Activity being introduced at ISDC 2018!

    You are invited to fill out the Google Form and investigate the following items to prepare you to debate the burning questions: 

    • Can universalization promote global peace through cooperation?

    Debate teams will be comprised of qualifying students as a field test of universalization.  Never debated before?  We'll lead you through for a great experience!  Join up for the fun!

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    Frances Dellutri:

    • Registration for ISDC 2018 Universalization Debste

      Cartoon of a boy and girl debating while standing behind podiumsStudents who are registered for ISDC 2018 are eligible to apply for consideration to be placed on a debate team.  If you are not yet registered for ISDC 2018, please go to :

      Please complete the Google form for consideration for the Universalization Debate team, the Inaugural Student Universalization Debate, a new event for ISDC!

    • What is Universalization?

      Graphic:  Universalization:  An Overview of Univesalization: Governing our World within the universe/Dr. L J Edmonds of Ohio University collaborated with the ISDC 2018 Debate Committee to provide a description of the term universalization in the context of describing the next phase of human development, marking the transition from trans-national to interplanetary relations and much more aggressive exploitation of opportunities that lie beyond the confines of Earth.

    • Debating - How is it done?

      These resources will give some viewpoints on how you and your team mates can prepare for a great debate!

    • Resources for Learning about Universalization

      Graphic: Universalization:  Resources for Universalization:  ISDC Student DebateThe resources in this document are excellent opportunities to find out more about universalization and to help you prepare for the debate. 

    • Schedule of Events for ISDC 2018 Universalization Debate

      Thursday, May 24:

        11:00 - 12:00 Gateway Ballroom 

      Dr. LJ Edmonds gives Universalization presentation to all students, a great preparation for the debates.

      2:00 - 3:00 Gateway Ballroom  

      Debate Orientation for students who have qualified to debate. Debate team assignments are announced.


      Thursday - Friday, May 24 and 25:

      Student Debate Teams prepare their arguments for presentation at the first round on Saturday, May 26.  Times and locations for preparing are established during the orientation meeting on Thursday at 2:00 by the members of each team.


      Saturday, May 26:

      11:00 - 12:00  Amelia Earhart Wing (rooms 212, 214) -

                    Round 1 of Universalization Debates

                                 Debates will be run simultaneously 

      Spectators to observe the debates are encouraged!

      Saturday, May 26:

      5:00 - 6:00 Seminar Room,  Final Debate Round


      Sunday, May 27:

      10:00 - 10:45 Grand Ballroom         

       Student Awards Celebration
                     Winners of     
                      2018 Student Universalization Debate Announced.

      • Items for Debaters for the 2018 ISDC Universalization Debate

        These items will show you how the debates will flow and the expectations of debaters and judges.

      • Information from Orientatiion

        Each team has a room assignment for practice and organizing their team for the Saturday debates.

        Rooms will be available 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. for the team's exclusive use.

        Contacts of the Universalization "Experts" from the Speed-Dating Exercise are noted below.