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Please note that this category for Grades K-2, ages 4-7 contains various subcategories divided by topics.

There should be a fun image for K-2 students listed here that exemplifies some of the topics in these projects.

Project title: Remember the Rainforest: Treasure Hunt

Authors: Carol Miranda Chor and Alberto Chor

Subject areas: Ecology,Earth History,Earth Science,Geography

Grade levels: K2

Standards: TBD

Short description: 

When the explorers visited the rainforest in 1817, there were no cameras to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Cameras hadn’t even been invented yet ! In those days it was important to practice drawing and painting, so travelers could remember and pass along what they had seen. Searching the Expedition Etchings will raise your Eco awareness. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think what these thousands of images will teach you !

Treasure Hunt is a challenge for students to navigate the Expedition Etchings to search for the jaguar, the giant trees, the giant rivers, the lavender sky, etc. Open the Expedition Etchings section to begin your search.

Title: Solar Eclipses (K-2)

Author:  Kimberly Tran

Grade levels: K-2

Subject areas:  Astronomy, Math

Standards: TBD

Short Description:  In this project, students will be introduced to Solar Eclipses and how to view them.