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Written by: Bonnie Thurber EIS Academy Manager, October 2015
Topic: Art, Astronomy 

Grade (Age) Level: Grades 5-8 (Ages 10-14)

In the project, students and teachers from around the world share information about a solar eclipse; discuss this information by commenting on each others web pages; special eclipse glasses to safely view an eclipse of the sun; and plan to view a solar eclipse or solar eclipse simulation.  American middle school students read the book Every Soul a Star and participate in the Every Soul a Star project.  Students from other nations may read a specific book as assigned by their teachers. 

Students are selected from around the US to become Interns at Yerkes Observatory each summer. This project is for the internet to journal about their assignments and experiences.

Title:  2018 Nepal Presentation Electrostatics in Space

Authors:  Frances Duletri, Lynne Zielinski, Bonnie Thurber

Subjects: Presentation


Short Description:

Space is not empty, but full of plasma and particles that you never expected to be there. "99.9 percent of the Universe is made up of plasma," says Dr. Dennis Gallagher, a plasma physicist at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. The magnetosphere surrounds and protects the earth from stellar plasma with a complex system of interacting electric and magnetic fields, electric currents and charged particles. Rockets, satellites and the International Space Station fly in plasma. Join us in learning about the exotic phenomena that surround the earth. Learn how the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from the hazards of space environment. This STEAM* workshop provides K-12 teachers with the background and activities to excite students to continue studying electrostatics, a wide application in many emerging fields of industry.