Topic outline

  • Intro to Ecology and Environment

    While developing knowledge and talent for life in Space, EIS strongly endorses the preservation, celebration and renewal of our Earth. etching 30Choose one or all of these introductory resources before doing the Plant Stalkers lesson which follows them. We welcome your suggestions in our Educators Forum

    • Here educators can share pictures and links, and can discuss anything related to Ecology, the Earth and the rainforest.

    • This is the rainforest !

      View an animated slide show of the 59 etchings from the Martius-Spix expedition to Brazil. Etchings by Karl von Martius, expedition leader. Digitally colored on Photoshop by Carol Miranda Chor and Alberto Chor. These etchings display the various regions and habitats of Brazil.

      When the explorers visited the rainforest in 1817, there were no cameras to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Cameras hadn’t even been invented yet ! In those days it was important to practice drawing and painting, so travelers could remember and pass along what they had seen. Raise your Eco-awareness and Eco IQ. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think what these thousands of images will teach you about the Earth !

  • Topic 1

    Raise Awareness and Eco IQ !

    • Click the above link, to learn about the features of Remember the Rainforest. RTR is an Eco education program K-12.

    • A tale of the Amazon rainforest by Lynne Cherry. A man beginning to cut down a great kapok tree falls asleep at its roots. While he dreams, the animals that depend on the tree beg him to reconsider. This 11 minute video is a great intro to animals, their habitats, and biodiversity. 

  • Topic 2

    Plant Stalkers lesson : Search the Plant Primer for your favorite fruits and vegetables. Teachers will look for recognizable plants and tell students their common names. Learn the parts of the plants and do the worksheet.


  • Topic 3

    For extra activities, use the Easy word search, Advanced word search, and coloring sheets from Remember the Rainforest 2. 

  • Topic 4

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