Topic outline

  • General

    Intro to Ecology and Environment

    While developing knowledge and talent for life in Space, EIS strongly endorses the preservation, celebration and renewal of our Earth.etching 30 Choose one or all of these introductory resources before doing the Treasure Hunt which follows them. We welcome your suggestions in our Educators Forum

  • Topic 1

    Raise Awareness and Eco IQ

  • Topic 2

    Lesson :Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt  is a challenge for students to navigate the Expedition Etchings to search for the jaguar, the giant trees, the giant rivers, the lavender sky, etc.

    Searching the Expedition Etchings will raise your Eco awareness. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think what these thousands of images will teach you about the Earth !


  • Topic 3

    For extra activities, use the Advanced word search, and coloring sheets from Remember the Rainforest 2. 

  • Topic 4