A Cybrary is a list of categories containing  annotated links to webpages, research papers, and applications ordered by subject/content areas. The list is generated by many participants working in the specific subject area.

The ECE Cybrary  contains links to activities, links to research and links to tools  suitable for content area participants.  Each link also has an annotation including notes for why it is in the cybrary.

A Method to Populate an EIA Academy Cybrary

Example Topic: Space Solar Power and Power Beaming

Created by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Team

Prof. Peter Schubert with students Ricky Anderson and Nathan McIntyre

26 February 2018

You must first receive administrative priviledges by requesting an account.  We obtained this from Bonnie Thurber, b-thurber@northwestern.edu

In planning with Thurber and NSS president Alice Hoffman plus a librarian from IUPUI we determined that a link to a publisher’s website was sufficient for those resources requiring a fee to obtain them.  If the using organization had an agreement to get those resources this would apply to such users operating within their domain.

Using the Space Policy and Good Governance Cybrary as a guide to appearance and style our team sprinkled visual images with simple links in hope of creating a visual presentation welcoming and interesting to students.

  • Open EIS Academy (https://www.eisacademy.org/) and login (top right). 
  • TOPIC:  Go to assigned webpage by drop-down menu.
  • Find the “gear” icon under the banner at the top right of the page proper, click the drop-down menu and click “Turn editing on” in the top right part of the page. (If this doesn’t appear, you don’t have the settings on where you are able to edit. Try the drop-down next to your name/icon at top right, while on your assigned page:  “switch role to…”).

SUBTOPICS:  You can select “+Add an activity or resource”, or your can edit/highlight/hide/delete with the “edit” drop down menus, or edit settings to modify the topic heading or image using the pencil icon.

  • Choose “Add an activity or resource” under the heading you want. Or, if there are no headings, select Edit and create one.
  • When adding an activity or resource, Moodle will ask what sort of link you would like to add. Many appropriate links in the EIS formatting will just be Cybrary Links represented by a small globe and a piece of paper.  
  • When reaching the editing page, do most of the editing in the text box while adding pictures and resources through the text editor tools.  Choosing the URL option is an easy path – you can include images which you’ve previously right-clicked to get the location and paste here.  Make sure to check the box that says 'display description on project page'
  • When finished, hit “save and display” to return to the main webpage and see your edits.
  • Continue this process for each resource.

A basic survey of asteroid mining technologies of the future. This will cover the basic potential of asteroid mining,the technologies involved,and the current players in the industry.