The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) is a project using data collected by the Sloan Telescope and its instruments to make a map of a large part of the universe. This data is shared with scientists throughout the world for their research. It is also made available for students to use. The data is used here in the EIS Academy for the projects listed below. Parts of these projects come from SDSS Voyages Education Section. SDSS Voyages are inquiry based projects.
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Pre-requisites: None

The database provides photometric and spectroscopic data of millions of astronomical objects. This project will introduce you to the use of several simple tools.

Pre-requisites: EM Waves
                           SDSS: Using the Tools of SDSS

Sloan Digital Sky Survey produces two types of data, photometric and spectroscopic. The Spectroscopy project will have introduced you to the types of spectra from astronomical objects. "Using the Tools of SDSS" must be completed before attempting this project, which will have you look for patterns in the continuum curves of stellar spectra. You will choose 10-20 spectra to sort based upon patterns you observe. An important part of this project is sharing your data and thoughts with other participants via the discussion forum.

Pre-requisites: Blackbody Radiation
                          SDSS: Using the Tools of SDSS
                          SDSS: Stellar Spectra 

Using Sloan data, you will compare actual stellar spectra to ideal blackbody curves. Can stars be modeled as the image suggests?