Preview Expedition Etchings 1-59

Click on the link above to view an animated slide show of the 59 etchings from the Martius-Spix expedition to Brazil. The etchings were created by Karl von Martius, expedition leader. They were digitally colored on Photoshop by Carol Miranda Chor and Alberto Chor. These etchings display the various regions and habitats of Brazil.

When the explorers visited the rainforest in 1817, there were no cameras to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. In those days it was important to practice drawing and painting, so you could remember and pass along what you had seen… and being true scientists, the explorers recorded all of the details of the scenery that they illustrated...the plants, animals and people. The Expedition Etchings will raise your Eco awareness. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think what these thousands of images will teach you !