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Enterprise In Space LEO Art Challenge!

Students! Put Yourself in Orbit with the LEO Art Challenge! 

By Lynne Zielinski, EIS Education Director 
Imagine and share with NSS the exciting environment of Low Earth Orbit in one of many ways. Are you ready for the next great adventure? To mark the first steps of the National Space Society’s Enterprise In Space (EIS) program that will send over 100 student experiments into Low Earth Orbit (LEO), we are offering this worldwide search to find a group of kindred spirits to embark on this exciting adventure challenge.

We want to see what a low Earth orbit adventure means to you! Show us, and you could become part of history as one of the first groups of students to win the chance to virtually make this incredible journey into low Earth orbit. You can be one of the first EIS virtual crew members! Join in the LEO Art Challenge


Last modified: Monday, 23 January 2017, 6:31 PM