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    Intro to Ecology and Environment

    While developing knowledge and talent for life in Space, EIS strongly endorses the preservation, celebration and renewal of our Earth.etching 0 Choose one or all of these introductory resources before doing the Populate Your Rainforest lesson which follows them. We welcome your suggestions in our Educators Forum

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    Raise Awareness and Eco IQ

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    Lesson : Populate Your Rainforest

    Today you will be looking at images from the rainforest explorers of the 1800s. How many of these plants and animals still exist today ? Much of our natural habitat is threatened with extinction. If we lose the honeybees, how will the crops be pollinated ?


  • Topic 3

    For extra activities, use the Easy word searchAdvanced word search, and coloring sheets from Remember the Rainforest 2. 

  • Topic 4

    Remember the Rainforest 2 is an Eco coloring book that teaches basic Eco concepts. It is the story of students lost in the rainforest looking for Green Girl's Eco Club. There are suggested readings for older students. RTR2 poses the question, "Why be a Tree Killer when you can be an Eco SuperHero?"

    RTR2 cover

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